Anti-Fragile means Easy-To-Change platforming. Flexibility over rigidity, data portability over storage, automation over engineering time, and extensibility over monolithic design.

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A Platform The Entire Institution Can Use

Unlock data from cross-enterprise systems and make it available for departments, innovation teams, and leadership


Automation Over Manual Processes

Data is made available through APIs,, allowing quick automation of routine manual tasks for departments across the enterprise


Data Portability: On-Prem or Off-Prem

Azure Data Factory and Data Flow expedite development, cleaning, and compliance

Transformation through Anti-Fragile Platforming

Jende Solutions was born out of the Higher Education & Medical Center world. A brainchild of the University of Texas Medical Branch, Jende provides platforming and services surrounding secure management and transport of mission-critical data, and creates real-time, predictive analytics to optimize enterprises at scale. Jende modernizes data and reporting so it is self-service, real-time, and predictive.

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Increase In Clinical Productivity


Increase In Grant Renewals


Five Year Savings & Revenue Increase


Reduction Recruitment Resources

Anti-Fragile Technology and Tools



Tools In Use


Building the Foundation

Anti-fragile platforming requires building confederations within your institution and with key platform partners like Microsoft.

Jende shepherds its customers through the coalition-building process, and facilitates the introduction of Azure tools at the right time and right place.

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