Born out of the Academic Medical world, we have designed a security framework that meets rigorous compliance requirements. Enterprise-grade security is built into every aspect of how users collaborate and get work done in Jende solutions.

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Jende's Internal Security Program

Our security program is based on the concept of defense in depth. We secure your organization—and your data—at every layer. The Jende Security program leverages the industry-leading best practices of Microsoft Azure, implemented based on our expertise in Academic Medical environments.

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Data Security Compliance

Jende Solutions can support customers' compliance with the following industry security standards and certifications:





Jende Security Architecture and Best Practices

Our security team uses industry-accepted best practices and frameworks to keep your institutional data safe. Our security approach focuses on whole-institution security governance, risk management, and compliance. This includes encryption at rest and in transit, network security and server hardening, administrative access control, system monitoring, logging and alerting, and more.

Jende's Platform-as-a-Service solution (CAMPSITE) includes a robust set of security and data protection product features that give your institution the control, visibility, and flexibility you need to manage all your security challenges.

Users only see the data they have permissions to see at every layer. To support environments with high-security compliance requirements, the CAMPSITE platform is built with row-level security practices that protect data starting from ingestion, through ETL into data warehouses, through application user interfaces and analytics reports.

Jende Security Architecture

Identity and Device Management

Securing your institution's information starts with identity controls keyed to your institution's identity management service. Jende works with many identity providers, with a focus on Azure Active Directory. Using Azure Active Directory, your security teams can manage users and groups, streamline authentication, and assign roles and permissions directly from the integrated CAMPSITE platform. We give you the solutions to ensure that only the authorized people and approved devices can access your institution's information.

Identity and Access Controls

  • SAML-based single sign-on
  • Managed session duration
  • Two-factor authentication
  • User and group provisioning via Active Directory and Azure B2B
  • MS365 guest provisioning
Identity and Device Management

Data Protection

By default, Jende encrypts data at rest and data in transit as part of our foundational security controls. We also provide tools that give you even further visibility and control.

  • Enterprise Key Management (EKM)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Audit logs API
  • App and integration management
Jende Data Protection

Data Governance

Every institution needs an ongoing strategy to reduce the risk of compromised data, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Jende has partnered with Microsoft to offer governance and risk-management capabilities in conjunction with the Microsoft Purview Data Governance platform. This flexible approach meets your institution's needs as your data governance maturity progresses.
Jende Data Governance