Co-Developing To Increase Speed And Reduce Cost

Build expertise and receive ongoing support at a fraction of the cost of replacing subject matter experts with in-house, full-time employees.

The Jende Co-Op increases your speed, while saving your organization money because it’s fractional, reduces risk, and ensures your institution has access to the best thinking in the Digital Transformation space. 

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The Challenge With Digital Transformation...

The Co-Op is designed for organizations that are at an important crossroads. Economic pressures related to the global pandemic have created challenges for many core businesses and surfaced long-standing issues. Emerging technologies and services offer opportunities to address these challenges, while fueling revenue generation and savings.

There is no shortage of opportunity in this dynamic environment, and proper execution is critical to success. Learn more about our track record and our use cases.  

The questions of scaling...

As organizations transition into a new stage of evolution and growth, important questions emerge:

  1. How can your technology team ensure quality delivery for business units while keeping pace with advances in technology?
  2. How can your organization maintain a strong technology expertise relative to emerging tools without laborious recruiting and hiring?
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Executing your ideas introduces additional risks...

  • How can your organization remain financially conservative while giving its technology adequate support?
  • How can your organization continue to think strategically while acting tactically?
  • How can it free-up the time of its partners to build new market opportunities and streamline operations?
  • How can it avoid the potholes in the road from a sudden transition to new staff and vendors?

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