A comprehensive, integrated personnel management platform designed to optimize and facilitate decisions on all aspects of faculty maintenance and recruitment.

Unify Your Data

CAMPSITE unifies information from the various software platforms and toolsets that you use for day-to-day management.

Whole-Institution Analytics

Our enterprise analytical model is tailored to your institution, connecting the data points across all relevant sources.

Row-Level Security

Row-level security and controls protect data from ingestion through, ETL, data warehousing, and display to end-users.

Faculty Management

Automate workflows surrounding recruiting, hiring, and compensation planning. Create dynamic incentive plans and track progress real-time.


Introducing CAMPSITE

CAMPSITE (Comprehensive Asset Management for Performance) is Jende’s proprietary anti-fragile platform. Its suite of close to a dozen modules automate HR workflows and create whole-institution, real-time reporting.

Modular Institutional Management

CAMPSITE consists of multiple modules, including Recruitment, Faculty Management, Compensation, Teaching, Endowments, Grants Management, Faculty Evaluations, and Productivity.

In addition, CAMPSITE is a robust reporting tool, offering approximately 150 distinct reports.

Jende Data Governance



CAMPSITE manages faculty effort, specialties, benchmarks, mission effort, faculty tenure data, compensation, incentives, and quality metrics.

CAMPSITE Created a $110M Positive Impact at University of Texas Medical Branch

To quickly make decisions to best position the institution and plan for uncertain times, organizations need to have comprehensive views of faculty compensation plans and insight into practice performance. Institutions need real-time data with drill-down reporting for scenario planning, budgetary transparency, and performance tracking. Here’s what we’ve accomplished at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

UTMB Campus


Explore Use Cases

From tailored enterprise analytical models, to solid data security compliance, CAMPSITE's value to the institution spans multiple business units and disciplines. 

Reporting: Gaining Insight and Control of Decentralized Data

For complex university medical systems, faculty funding sources are spread out over many different revenue streams. Various grants and contracts provide greater resilience to overcome economic uncertainties and support a diverse faculty base.

Managing Quickly Evolving IT Infrastructure

Using centralized cloud services helps ensure industry-standard data security, reduces downtime with a strong track record for availability and uptime, and keeps the IT infrastructure up to date with the latest advances in cloud technology.

COVID Case Study

Using CAMPSITE reporting, UTMB was able to quickly assess the performance implications. They were able to design reporting to give decision-makers a real-time look at actual performance compared against expected performance.


Microsoft Names Jende Top 10 Recommended Vendor in Higher Ed

At the 2021 AIR Forum (Association for Institutional Research)

Microsoft Strategy Leader For Data & AI, Jason Morales, and Microsoft Director of Higher Education, Rob Curtin, discuss Jende as one of "10 Things We Can't Believe You're Not Using Yet" at the AIR Forum on May 25, 2021.

May 25th, 2021

9:00 am - 12:00 pm PT / 10:00am - 12:00pm CT

Virtual Conference

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Jende technology provides foundational support to organizations of all sizes and stages. From multi-billion dollar technology companies to distinguished academic medical centers, CAMPSITE can be adapted to service your needs.