Shared Services and Travel: Consolidate Data to Reduce Travel Costs

March 1, 2021 Tynan Szvetecz

Consolidating Budget Data for Reduction in Travel Costs

Budget expenditures for travel and general capital requests can be minimized through process optimization. Processes can be streamlined and focused on institutional needs using extensive reporting and analytics. Additionally, processes can be optimized to put more controls in place to reduce overall institutional costs.

Custom reporting helps organizations track progress and compliance with funding processes. With insight into how and where funding is being spent, organizations can see the impact of travel and common service expenditures on departmental, division, and enterprise budgets.

Travel Budget Control

CAMPSITE reporting delivers the information needed to more accurately forecast travel budget needs, and ensure travelers adhere to the approved budget parameters. 

Capital Requests

CAMPSITE reports bring together capital expense data to visualize the full impact of capital expenditures (future and historic).

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