Recruitment and Retention: Satisfied Employees, Simplified Processes

February 28, 2021 Tynan Szvetecz

Employee Satisfaction and Process Streamlining

An employee’s experience begins during the recruitment process. Efficient recruiting and candidate management is essential for an effective onboarding process and good user experience. To remain competitive, institutions need a reliable recruiting process that gives them the ability to respond quickly with offers, counter-offers, and updates.

Recruiting processes are complex and require inter-departmental collaboration. From position definitions to offer letters, recruitment staff have to manage various processes, status tracking, and communication. The recruitment process can require:

  • Tracking candidate submissions from start to finish
  • Validation of information
  • Identification of conflicts of interest
  • Tracking committee reviews and interviews
  • Candidate communication
  • Communication between the related departments
  • Development and tracking of agreements, negotiations, and counter-offers

When this process is overly burdensome, unreliable, or needlessly time consuming, it can lead to reduced job satisfaction, excessive staffing requirements, and prolonged recruiting timeframes.

Improving the Recruitment Timeframe

The quicker candidates can be onboarded, the sooner they can generate profit for the institution. A fast process can give institutions a competitive edge when trying to attract candidates. 

Consistency in Recruiting

An automated and controlled process ensures that all candidates are onboarded using the same workflow. Instead of keeping track of multiple spreadsheets with data that may be out of date or inaccurate, CAMPSITE delivers real-time reporting, access to candidate data, and views and process controls that make it clear if a step in the process was missed.

By utilizing CAMPSITE, institutions can have confidence that every candidate brought into the organization followed the processes they have defined.


Reducing Recruitment Staff

Efficient recruiting processes require fewer dedicated resources. With automated reporting, notifications, and process workflows, institutions can reallocate resources to other tasks. Faculty Relations staff can focus on building relationships with candidates, quality improvement, and broader recruiting initiatives instead of manual data entry and tracking.

Prior to their CAMPSITE implementation, UTMB managed recruitment tasks in each department. Since CAMPSITE was implemented, recruitment is handled by two Faculty Relations staff members.

Increased Job Satisfaction and Retention

Moving away from manual data entry gives staff time to focus on goals and tasks that enrich their experience and improve job satisfaction. 

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