One Key to Open Two Doors: Creating Agility Between Business Units & IT (Part 3 of 3)

May 28, 2021 Tynan Szvetecz

Run, Enhance, and Grow your IT and Business Strategies Side by Side

Welcome to Jende's three-part series on delivering results faster while unifying Business and IT strategies. Part 1 focuses on the pace of change and the challenges Business and IT are looking to address.  Part 2 is an analysis of the ways things have been done in the past, and their limitations in today's climate. Part 3 is an exploration of the new BizDevOps paradigm, and an overview of Jende's partnership with Healthbox. 

Opening Doors with BizDevOps

The data analytics and integration power of Jende technologies joined with the strategy, execution, and decision-making toolset of Healthbox is just the mix needed for enterprise agility.

The Winning Formula

Jende was just named one of Microsoft’s top ten recommended vendors in Higher Education for Data & AI. Healthbox, acquired by HIMSS in 2018, has worked with institutions including Intermountain Healthcare, Mass General Brigham, DaVita, Orlando Health, and others, to pull ideas together and build collective buy-in around strategic initiatives and direction.

Jende + Healthbox = BizDevOps

BizDevOps in Action

Healthbox’s platform, Idealy, helps stakeholders and observers find valuable ideas from the frontlines. Pulling information from staff proposals and other submissions, it provides inter-departmental transparency and gives your organization a method for prioritizing initiatives of all sizes based on strategic direction, engagement, and overall expected outcomes.

Armed with a strong base of frontline input, your organization can be more agile and tap into new ideas, approaches, and technologies.

Bridge the gap between strategy and operations:

  • Communicate value to teams and stakeholders.
  • Add transparency to business value calculations.
  • Provide visibility into the “why” behind strategic decisions.
  • Unlock potential of small to midsized project requests.

Using Idealy, business units participate in the process, and their priorities and ideas are stack-ranked using a transparent, agile, and quantitative approach 

After you have gathered the information from throughout the organization to identify challenges and develop a strategy, you can get the full benefit of Jende’s IT capabilities and platforming. Jende’s CAMPSITE platform is built to meet organization’s strategic objectives. Jende can deploy workflows and automation through CAMPSITE to accomplish the following results:

  • Unified data from various software platforms.
  • Whole-institution analytics connecting all the data points with a tailored analytical model.
  • Real-time reporting for decision-making, audits, planning, and day-to-day processes.

Combined, the BizDevOps approach makes significant, meaningful progress against institutional goals like:

  • Performance tracking for staff.
  • Funding management to predict surplus and shortfalls.
  • Compensation plan development.
  • Automation for travel expense requests/approvals, reimbursements, capital project requests, and mission effort or FTE changes.
  • Consolidation of budget and reporting tools.

With Healthbox and Jende’s BizDevOps pods, your institution can run, enhance, and grow.

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