Microsoft Recommends Jende as a Top 10 Solution in Higher Ed & Healthcare

May 25, 2021 Tynan Szvetecz

Microsoft Air Forum May 25th, 2021

Microsoft Strategy Leader For Data & AI, Jason Morales, and Microsoft Director of Higher Education, Rob Curtin, discuss Jende as one of "10 Things We Can't Believe You're Not Using Yet" at the AIR Forum on May 25, 2021.

Rob Curtin explains:

Jende starts with the top line: Are we making things more efficient? Are we creating transparency that leads to cost savings? Then underneath all that is the data governance and the importance of the model. If your foundation is broken, who cares how pretty the 3rd floor is. Jende addresses the whole house. 

Jason Morales adds:

The [data governance] model is the thing, and it's really about the approach and best practices. They really embrace what Microsoft is bringing to the table with these cutting edge technologies.


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